Mention John Carpenter to most and its his work as a film director that will likely spring to mind. That said, the filmmaker scored many of his movies, and in turn is responsible for composing some of the most recognisable sci-fi and horror soundtracks ever to grace our eardrums. Fan of Kurt Russell will be familiar with Carpenter’s work scoring Escape From New York and Big Trouble in Little China, but ahead of Halloween, decided to take a look at three of his most downright bone-chilling OSTs.

Stalked throughout the video by Halloween protagonist Michael Myers, Justin DeLay examines the film’s instantly recognisable soundtrack before turning his attention to The Fog and Assault on Precinct 13. The selection of synths in action is nothing short of mouth-watering – check the YouTube description from the full list – and Justin even gives a few tips on how to incorporate what you’ve learnt into your own projects. It may seem a little basic for experienced musicians and composers, but the video provides a really detailed and informative breakdown of the instruments and techniques Carpenter employed over the years.

via Synthtopia.

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