Antoni Maiovvi has been bringing horror to the dance since 2008. Taking his cue from Goblin and John Carpenter, the Bristol native’s blood-curdling productions have found their way onto labels like Bordello A Parigi, Crimes Of The Future and Tusk Wax. Then there’s the Giallo Disco imprint he runs alongside Vercetti Technicolor, where conceptual soundtracks for imagined horror films, unsettling synth-pop, EBM workouts and menacing electro cuts mingle in a terrifying maelstrom of piercing synths and analogue drums.

Our first introduction to the Giallo Disco, the Black Gloves EP featured artwork referencing the George A. Romero zombie classic, Dawn Of The Dead. It was the perfect accompaniment to the split release from Antoni and Vercetti, where three tracks of ominous and motorised electro were joined by a remix courtesy of Dutch synth wizard, Legowelt. Now a second contribution to the Black Gloves series has finally arrived, and to mark the occasion the label will throw a special release party at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club in London.

Ahead of what’s being billed as an evening of “crunched-up horn and elephant blaring freak-house, techno, EBM, proper Italo’d disco, the newest of new beats, and other synth shit,” we asked Antoni to share a few of his favourite hair-raisers.

Antoni Maiovvi and Vercetti Technicolor play the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club on Saturday 30th July – buy tickets here.

1. Goblin – Flashing

It will come as no surprise this would be my first pick. Though it’s more likely people will know the theme from Tenebre which was reworked by that there band Justice. It’s Flashing that has everything for me. Hot 808 action, sweet polysynths and space choirs galore!

2. Linda Lee – There’s No Matter

Fabio Frizzi penned NRG banger included in the film, but not the soundtrack to Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Flesh Eaters. Horns stand please!

3. Square Blanco – Night Of The Illuminati

We can’t really talk about this music without mentioning Danny Legowelt. I just accept that any idea I have now he’s most likely done before and i should just have fun with it, anyway, Night Of The Illuminati stands out as one of his best records. Imagine The Warriors having to fight zombies from space in the tunnels underneath Coney Island… Oh yeah…

4. Stefano Mainetti – Zombi 3

I thought I’d seen this film, but talking with my label partner at Giallo Disco, it turns out I hadn’t. I’d seen the mis-titled Zombi 3: Burial Ground, which is ace. THIS Zombi 3 has the better soundtrack by the genius that is Stefano Mainetti. Hi Hat Programming is out of this world. FM Rush.

5. Fransisco – Voodoo Nero

Francisco is in my top 5 producers ever. I don’t think I ever heard a record he wasn’t involved in that I wasn’t at least impressed with. His flirtation with horror culminated in this BEAST that should be owned by everyone.

6. Umberto – La Llorona

Somewhat biased here because we did a record. This as it turns out is one of his earliest productions, but I urge you to go get his new LP because it’s the best work he’s done to date.

7. Vercetti Technicolor – Phantom

My blood brother from another mother VT and I set up Giallo Disco in 2012 and are somehow still friends to this day! His work on Astron 6’s The Editor is fantastic.

8. Jonathan Snipes – End Credits (Starry Eyes)

Quite a divisive film amongst my friends but it’s very clear that Mr Snipes is one hell of a talented man, from his Whitehouse sampling rap group CLPPNG to the genius that was Captain Ahab, I can’t wait to hear what he does next.

9. Scratch Massive – Nuit De Mes Reves

I don’t know if this EBM banger counts as cheating, the cinematic elements are surely there, but the reason I include it was because it was in that film As Above So Below. Which would have been fine but how come when you translate ancient aramaic riddles into english they rhyme in english? Totally made no sense to me. I mean why bother? It’s so weird. This annoyed me so much that I couldn’t stop thinking about it and eventually had to switch the film off because I just couldn’t get over why they would do that. Then I forgot who everyone was and why there were there. Nice one guys!

10. Zombi – Sapphire

The now legendary, played to death hyperbanger that put the brilliant Zombi on a lot of our radars. Steve & Anthony are amazing musicians and we’re really really super jealous of them. Steve’s soundtracks have been amazing, Anthony’s Majeure project is equally awesome. We’re lucky to exist in the same time as them.

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