Ever wondered what that operatic diva in The Fifth Element might have performed if chaos hadn’t ensued on Fhloston Paradise? Well, even if you hadn’t, Gallic ‘hard-pop’ duo ascendant vierge certainly have. Inspired by ‘The Diva Dance’ from Luc Besson’s ’90s sci-fi classic, Mathilde Fernandez and Casual Gabberz producer Paul Seul bring a brand of tough-as-nails pop and sentimental hardstyle, complete with vocals reminiscent of the futuristic pop-opera.

With a debut EP out on Berlin’s Live From Earth Klub, Fernandez and Seul compiled a playlist of alternative soundtracks worthy of perishing on a luxury space liner to. Time to act like the diva and die.

1. Tones On Tail – Performance

We love the big arpeggios, the martial beats, the mix,  the sonics and the fact that this band is a side project of Daniel Ash from Bauhaus. 

2. Saez – Sexe

Saez was an iconic character of the early ’00s french scene. Very sensible guy, poetic, Baudelaire’s lover… he was also mocked for these reasons. On this one we don’t know if he was serious about this “blog-house” sound but we love the use of the autotune and the awkward and sexual lyrics. We are speechless about the video. 

3. Enya – Orinoco Flow

Obsessed with the twist at 0:50, the low piano tunes.

Fun fact it’s also sampled in the UK hardcore classic ‘Go With The Flow’ by Double X-Posure. Definitely an ascendant vierge reference.

4. Felix – It Will Make Me Crazy

We are pretty fan of all the ’90s Belgian scene effervescence, this one is a gem from this era.

5. Ruki Vverh – Pesenka (La La La) 

Like most of the young west European generation we knew the ATC track ‘Around the World’, but we discovered on the low the original Russian version.

6. Eric Serra – Diva Plavalaguna song

Main reference of our band – the only one, maybe. 

7. HD MIRROR / Gabber Eleganza – Frozen Dopamina

This is dope, top notch producers that we admire and it’s on our label so we had too many reasons to put this here!

8. aamourocean – UNDRGRND

Totally underrated producer, every track out is a banger.

9. Solid Base – I’m The Girl Of Your Dreams ( Cixx’s Hardcore Version)

Couldn’t finish this playlist properly without some cheesy happy hardcore. 

10. Mylene Farmer – California

Huge reference. Mylene has to be featured in every av playlist.

Influencer is out now on Live From Earth Klub | Buy it here

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