As inaugural releases go, announcing your label with original music from a dub techno luminary is quite a statement. Deepchord’s first album in some time for a label other than Soma and his echospace [detroit] imprint, Lanterns served as a mission statement of sorts for the newly-formed Astral Industries. Far from resting on its laurels though, the London-based imprint has since emerged as a vital outlet for post-club aesthetics, nebulous transmissions and ambient experimentalism.

Working with celebrated and mystified ambient outfit CHI, releasing live ambient/drone performances from Kompakt founder Wolfgang Voigt or mining Kim Cascone’s utopian, early ‘90s project, Heavenly Music Corporation, founder Ario has carved out an idiosyncratic path for the label. Now joining NTS mainstays Field Work at DIY Space for London for an “evening of ambient audio-visual” on November 8th, he’s picked out five esoteric excursions in a similar vein.

1. Robert Ashley – The Backyard

Nostalgic masterpiece from a master of minimalism. 

2. Sonmi451 – Vladivostok

Deep space music from a ridiculously underrated Belgian producer. Catch him playing at our next Astral Industries event with Monolake on Saturday November 24th at Cafe OTO.

3. Wanderwelle – Her Name is Vairumati

Beautifully atmospheric ambient techno from yet more talented Dutch artists. The record looks stunning too, which always goes down well here at AI HQ.

4. Valentino Mora – Extravagate (Metaphysical Essence Mix)

It’s been nice to see Valentino grow this project and get the recognition he deserves with a forthcoming release on Spazio Disponibile. I’m really looking forward to playing with him for new night Camera Obscura at Grow Tottenham on Friday November 9th.

5. Theme From Tristes Tropiques / Avian Modulations / Life In The Canopy

Faitiche is a buy on sight label.

Astral Industies join Field Work at DIY Space for London on November 8th – find out more here.

Artwork by Theo Ellsworth.

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