Bahnsteig 23 is a clandestine operation, devoted to excavating and obscure gems from the depths and recontextualising them for modern ears. Helmed by an equally mysterious figure in Ziggy Sternenstaub, the German edit label has been bubbling just beneath the surface, delivering 12″s from the likes of Khidja, Kris BahaJonny 5 and Lipelis‘ Beard In Dust alias.

Furnished with schlagen bass, psychedelischen power and deployed in a panzer style, those efforts have seen Bahnsteig 23 achieve cult status among diggers. Manipulating and elongating certain sequences while consigning any undesirable elements to the cutting room floor, comrades of the label have delivered carefully assembled edits that touch on everything from new wave and folk rock to industrial and EBM.

Gearing up to make their first ever appearance on British soil, we asked Ziggy and Co. to pick 10 tracks that reflect the label’s personality, and they duly obliged. Can you tanz?

Catch the Bahnsteig 23 gang at Rye Wax on April 30th and Sameheads in Berlin on June 2nd. Releases from Kito Jempere and Albion will arrive on the label later this month.

 1. Front – Polaroid

Original 80s Berlin punk dub Tanz for the new World. We can do this.

2. Higamos Hogamos – Inward Empire

Krautrock swirling spaced out guitar hooks. take me, take me, take me to space. Certified B23.

3. Tuxedomoon – 59 to 1 Remix

Tension in bass and drums here is so much anger, so much misery, 59 secs out of every minute. But worth it all for 1 second of joy!  

4. Shriekback – Mista Linn He Dead

Mr Linn is very much alive, but in this parallel world fantasy of Shreikback he isn’t….twisted drum cut mangled fx and a new kind of rhythm to dance to. 

5. Die Form – Poupee Mechanique

Synth pop sexy dream with the hammer bass. Slightly sinister too. 

6. George Theodorakis – The Rain

A would be disco (chug) anthem of the time if it was released and you guessed it, more guitar – wait for 5:32!

7. 後藤次利 – Urgent

Goto-san make 1980s stockbroker music. Fantasy night flight to Tokyo to clinch important business deal. B23 do not endorse pornbroker. 

8. Scattered Order – 1000 Gene Autry’s

Australian new wave band with some A-Class production values. Attention to the slap bass (for a new wave band?) and its interplay with the synth/ guitar overlay.  

9. Ofra Haza – Galbi

This one from Israel, with the huge cut up remix for the clubs. If we all Tanz no need for borders. Aaaiiiiiee! 

10. 586 – New Order (John Peel Live Sessions) 

My favourite version of the twin sibling that everybody mistakes for Blue Monday. This particular version is actually slowed down, electrifyingly dejected! Non the less live sequences , dubbed out percussion – last song of the night.

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