As the respected label heads behind Balkan Recordings and party-come-record label I Love Acid, Rich Bevan and Josh Doherty AKA Posthuman have spent much of their musical careers honouring the Roland TB303 – the squelchy instrument responsible for creating the much loved ‘acid’ sound. They have even applied the theme to the numbers they press, limiting each I Love Acid record to 303 copies. Previous efforts have come from household names like Luke Vibert and Jerome Hill but following an impressive cameo on Balkan Vinyl’s Mutant City Acid series, the lesser-known Ben Pest has been handed the reigns for an eleventh release.

Living up to the 12″s title, A1 number ‘Werd Clerk’ induces a psychedelic, altered-state listening experience. Like much of his material to date, Pest deploys a heavily-vocoded vocal alongside cheerful chords that punctuate his 303 lines, albeit one that’s comparably lighter and playful. Downtempo and steady as a horse’s trot, ‘Positive Legs’ marks an abrupt end to the pleasant trip of Pest’s opener. The highlight of the record however comes from B2 ‘Chord Divide’, uniting components from house floor fillers with the creeping, vacillating synth sound present across the whole release.

Last but not least is a peculiar one, mainly because depending on where you press play/pause, ‘Much More than Just a Test’ could resemble upwards of 4 completely different tracks. Busy with breaks and effects, it feels like a creative freestyle, celebrating all the musical tools used throughout the production process. A prime example of heavily-saturated acid, I Love Acid 011 exhibits a wonky, funky dimension to the dynamic Ben Pest. It’s an undulating excursion that will leave your head spinning.

I Love Acid 011 is out soon – pre-order the vinyl here.

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