Fans can now enjoy eight Berceuse Heroique releases in either MP3, AIFF or WAV format.

A lot has been made of (supposed) vinyl-only labels releasing some of their music in digital format. Hardmoon London, Untzz Twelve Inch and now Berceuse Heroique have recently made certain releases available as MP3, AIFF or WAV downloads and I’d be putting it lightly if I said it has divided opinion.

While many complain about limited vinyl releases preventing most fans from experiencing the music, some of those that already own said records get in a huff when their rarer 12″s become available at the click of a mouse. Both sides have valid points, but ultimately we don’t oppose record labels choosing to make their music more readily available to the masses – especially if it the revenue goes towards funding future endeavours. As far as label owners are concerned, sometimes you just can’t win.

Berceuse Heroique have enjoyed their fair share of controversy of late and it looks set to continue with the techno heavyweights deciding to release records from Hodge, Healing Force Project, Tuff Sherm, Vereker, Manuel Gonzales, Ekman and Breaker 1 2 in digital format. Let’s just hope it doesn’t leave too many people waving their fists angrily in the air.

A few have been available for a while, but now you can purchase all eight digital BH releases here.

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