SLOW NEWS DAY ALERT: Historical marker erected in Trumansburg, NY in honour of MoogDay: A celebration of Robert Moog in Trumansburg.

It may sound a bit like the goofy sidekick in a children’s cartoon, but as the sign declares, the Moog played its part in “changing the course of music history.” Developed by Dr Robert Moog in the early 1960s, it quickly became synonymous with sci-fi and soundtracks in particular.

Whether it was the full-sized version or its little brother, the ‘Minimoog’, those ominous melodies were fairly ubiquitous, once upon a time. Whether via Stanley Kubrick soundtracks or some of Kraftwerk’s finest, you’ve undoubtably had a fair bit of exposure, even if you didn’t know it.

To celebrate what has become known as MoogDay in Trumansburg, NY, some of the town’s inhabitants have erected a historical marker to solidify the legacy of Robert Moog in sign form.

Here’s a mini documentary about the seminal synthesiser in case you wanted to learn a bit more:


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