The Brooklyn party-come-label are set to begin broadcasting a regular, “specially-commissioned” show.

There was a time when dance music was all about the people dancing (shocking, isn’t it!). This was the age of Detroit public access programmes The Scene and The New Dance Show, Chicago’s House Countdown and most notably, the world famous Soul Train. DJs were nowhere to be seen, while the role of the dancer became coveted. The New Dance Show even managed to turn ordinary people into local celebrities. Nonetheless, those days are long gone.

Instead, it’s the DJ that stands out as a revered figure today and as a consequence, the focus of the dance has moved away from the people actually dancing. This is particularly relevant with Boiler Room, the live streaming service that brings some incredible musical performances right to your bedroom. We’re big advocates of the concept, but some would argue that it epitomises the culture of making the performer the focal point. Well, they recently approached they guys behind Mister Saturday Night (Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter) to broadcast a “regular TV-type show” and the first episode is set to switch the focus back to the dancers.

Shot at the PMT Dance Studio last August, the first chapter will look to celebrate “NYC’s storied house dancing culture”. Running at about an hour, Episode 001 will feature a DJ set from Eamon and Justin, with intermittent audio snippets from interviews conducted by the duo and some stunning dance routines in accompaniment. For some it will be a blast from the past, others, a breath of fresh air. All we can say is that it’s been a long time coming and we’re looking forward to watching.

Mister Saturday Night 001 will air on January 28th between 16:00-17:00 GMT.

Read this interview with Eamon and Justin for further insight into their motives and ambitions in relation to the project.

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