The fifteenth vinyl release on the Early Sounds Recordings collective comes from newcomers to the label, Bop & 291out. The Italian outfit have a quirky and unconventional flavour for their latest release. The EP, L’Alba dei Vinti, is a collaboration between Bop Singlayer aka Luca Affatato, an Italian ensemble self-described as being deeply committed to creating imaginative and experimental sounds while taking root and influence from the era of the Italian soundtrack. This aesthetic is immediately apparent – those of you with a penchant for digging up Italian Library music or the rare funk and disco music produced in those glory days would find something very nostalgic and authentic about these three tracks.

‘L’Alba dei Vinti’, the namesake of the mini-album, takes up the entire A-Side with a whopping 15:54 minutes of pure synth-laden space disco. The tracks on the B-side are equally entrancing. ‘Slot Machine’ is a slow, gorgeous groover, that would not feel out of place while travelling down an Autobahn. ‘Chi Male C’è’ is pure funk. Superb and powerful vocals from Giovanna Lubjan and Gianluca Morelli shine throughout, adding a brilliant centrepiece that work seamlessly through the well laid arrangement found in these tracks. Hats off to this gorgeous and modern, yet unconventional funk material!

L’alba dei Vinti is out now on Early Sounds Recordings – buy the vinyl here.

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