Börft Records built its reputation over many years as the singular source for those seeking off-centre, experimental music originating from the Nordics. A great deal of the artists that make up the label’s roster have been known to reside in Sweden, however alongside the appearance of sub-labels, Djuring Phonogram and UFO Mongo unusual electronic sounds started to emerge from a number of artists scattered geographically. The label initially started life with Frak’s Raggarslakt on cassette in 1987, continuing to release on tape until the label’s first release on vinyl in 1989. Börft have since gone on to span over multiple genres, touching on EBM, synth-pop and industrial to a quirky, heavier style of techno. Having experienced something of a revival in 2013, it has been fascinating to witness the label’s progressive evolution into what it is today, having created a strong impression on a new generation.

Next up on the esteemed label we have a pair of EPs from Obergman and Dan Fun respectively. For the former’s we’re presented with a batch of versatile but very true-to-tradition techno and electro cuts, from stripped-back, acid-heavy rhythms to the more complex features of the EP, where synths and drums are found perfectly layered, as heard in the cybernetic title track – streaming below, ‘Universal Hologram’, like its counterparts, isn’t wholly dissimilar in its emotional content to that found lurking in the finest electro and techno Detroit has offered up over the years.

On the other side and yet to be released, Dan Fun’s Telematic is much more brutal per-se, familiar to what has been pushed by Börft over the years post the Frak – Hard Friends EP in 1994 and what is being seen and heard in the Swedish underground circuits at the minute. Turn your attention to ‘Telephysic’!

Universal Hologram is out now on Börft Records – buy it direct from the label.

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