Calcium Club’s 3-tracker Cosmic Creeper is the latest on Major Problems; a record Label started by Barry Redsetta in 2013 with the release that some may remember, Frank B’s ‘Chain of Fools’. So well-received as a freebie on XLR8R, the Chicago-leaning cut was pressed as a physical release shortly after. Major Problems have been outputting very interesting records in recent years, whether the long anticipated repress of Ability II’s ‘Pressure’ or a one-off pressing from Admas’ Sons of Ethiopia LP – no surprise that the bar for the future set of releases is found to be so much higher!

Having said that, the sixteenth release is an unusual record, in the sense that it feels like it has one foot looking towards past US electro rhythms and progressions and another experimenting with modern, more playful sounds as demonstrated by title track, ‘Cosmic Creeper’. The echoey vocals that appear intermittently between the drum hits, really do show off how the track would not feel out of place in a genuine rave set in an industrial setting. The ‘Off to Battle’ mix of the titular track offers the same feel but stripped back to the bare essentials and shortened to the length of a radio version. ‘Y Columba’ on the other hand builds itself up to be a more atmospheric episode, with slower build ups and an emphasis on the lead synth as it slowly gains more presence within the track.

Cosmic Creeper is out now on Major Problems – buy it direct from the label here.

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