Bound by mood, personality and function rather than a specific genre, Glasgow’s Clan Destine Records have been peddling their twisted sonics since 2009. In whirlwind of names, navigating the back catalogue can prove a challenge, but dig through and you’ll find releases that touch on industrial, noise, darkwave, post-punk, doom metal, and even occult-themed ‘witch house’. Expanding on this, Clan Destine Traxx, a sub-label with its gaze fixed firmly towards the dancefloor, would eventually be established, paving the way for the likes of Tsuzing, Torn Hawk, Tuff Sherm and Golden Teacher to make cameos on its Dark Acid series. Then there’s head honcho Carl ClanDestine, who can be found channelling all his angst into a series of mixtape cassettes, zigzagging from chopped and screwed hip hop to black metal, EBM and neofolk.

As London promoters Freaks R Us prepare to bring Carl to New River Studios on March 10th, the label owner has decided to whet some appetites with a playlist of his current favourites;

1. Obscene Mannequin – Pyramidine 1.2

Belter ov a tune from David Foster (Teste/Huren etc etc). I’ve been putting out a few releases with this guy lately, and we just decided to resurrect his Obscene Mannequin guise. Something new will be out sooner than later.

2. Collin Strange – Private Room

90’s NY legend, this dude has seen and done more than most could cope with. So stoked to see him DJ’ing again and putting tunes out and playing a small part in that. This one goes hard, on the ever reliable L.I.E.S. imprint. Just released ‘How I Creep’ by Collin which again goes hard..

3. AGeM – Caustic Cunts (Murray CY Edit)

I always liked this track by AGeM. I’m a massive fan ov ’80s industrial tapes and the occulture that sprang up around it. Murray goes a great edit here. Contort Yourself Murray’s label is one ov the best around today releasing new techno/industrial and reissuing old obscure industrial tracks.

4. DJ Punisher – Untitled A1

Murky techno to merk too. LACR is another great label that never lets down.

5. Spiral Tribe – Probably Taking Drugs

Techno madness on Network 23 back in the day. I used to DJ at alot ov free parties/festivals and teknivals. Great times.

6. Lady Bee Feat. Skinny Pimp & Lil Gin – Junts We Choke

I’m abit obsessed with Memphis rap from the ’90s. Great production, over the top raps and they did it all themselves in true DIY style knocking out tape after tape with ni fucks.

7. HOMOAGENT – Lowpass = Murder

Great pulsing, throbbing, veiny, heavy balled techno outta Berlin. This is out in Instruments Of Discipline who are putting out some really great stuff atm.

8. Psychic TV – Alien Be-In

What can you say about Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV/Coil etc that hasn’t already been said. Deep cut from PTV’s acid period, pounding acid house that changes to a nice break, Silent Servant did a remix ov this too.

9. Boy Harsher – Yr Body Is Nothing

Heavenly EBM vibes from Boy Harsher. There seems a bunch ov rad duo’s around atm, SPIT MASK, Youth Code, Operant. This is a fave off Boy Harsher’s LP. Out on the great DKA outta ATL. Everything on DKA and their sister label CGI is worth grabbing.

10. Vond – The Dark River

Something abit different. This is rubber faced goblin Mortiss’ dark ambient project, VOND. I’ve been checking out alot ov dark ambient projects by black metal musicians lately. This reminds me ov prime time creepy era Coil.

Carl ClanDestine, Autumns and Kerri LeBon play New River Studios, London on March 10th – buy tickets here.

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