Armed with impeccably good taste, Katovl Menovsky has lent his efforts to some of the best parties in Berlin for over half a decade. Regularly appearing on lineups alongside regular co-conspirator and Love On The Rocks owner Paramida, his sets generally span countless genres, segueing seamlessly from leftfield house and techno to krautrock, Turkish folk, Pakistani psych and everything in between. An eclectic, globe-trotting affair from beginning to end, to sum it up in just a few words.

Until a couple of years ago, when we he wasn’t digging for records or playing them out, he was probably ripping and uploading the tracks to YouTube. With a solitary entry in the last 12 months, those submissions have been pretty few and far between, but there are plenty of gems to be found on Katovl’s channel.

1. Grand Prix – Eternity

Kicking things off with some slick French Italo, original released on Savoir Faire Records back in 1983. While this is arguably Bernard Torelli’s finest work, fellow band member Jean-Pierre Massiera has been pretty prolific, releasing tonnes of excellent cosmic disco under various guises (his studio band Herman’s Rocket were well known for their stargazing tracks back in the late ’70s).

2. Else Nabu – Angst

Here’s a charming synth-pop jam from German actor-come-singer, Else Nabu. We have no idea what she’s saying (probably something about teenage angst), but can’t help but agree with the sentiment. Songwriter Carlo Karges keeps the arrangement simple, allowing room for Else’s personality to shine through on the vocals.

3. The Unknown Cases – Masimba Bele Dub (Tall Mix) 

A dubbed out and elongated mix of a tribal disco classic from The Unknown Cases, a studio project between German keyboardist Helmut Zerlett and percussionist Stefan Krachten. The original version was championed by the late, great John Peel, but this one gives it a different dimension.

4. D. Bastedos – Star Whores

Playful disco not disco jam, complete with killer drum loops and a Star Wars-themed (Ewok?) rap. What more could you want?

5. Moot – Mavis

A weirdo synth-pop cut from French band, Moot, originally released in 1983. There isn’t much to be found about them online, but Optimo’s JD Twitch included the track in his excellent Punk New Wave Post Torch Pop Synth Beats compilation.

6. DJ Fett Burger – Disco Tre

Infectious, drum-heavy disco weirdness done as only the Norwegians can do it, taken from one of the most sought-after Sex Tags releases to date.

7. New York Edits 1 – Side B

A clandestine cut-and-paste effort, putting the scalpel to the 12″ version of Claudia Barry’s ‘Boogie Woogie Dancing Shoes’.

8. Lena Platonos – A Physical Exercise Unresolved

Dark Entries are making a habit of reissuing the Greek pianist and composer’s best material, but here’s a track yet to make the cut. Haunting, swirling electronics eddy around one another to stunning effect, but it’s all about that bassline.

9. Black Merlin – 22.05

His recent efforts have encompassed field recordings from trips to Indonesia and beyond, but George Thompson AKA Black Merlin cut his teeth releasing brooding, EBM/industrial-charged chuggers. This is one of the best of that bunch, arriving on Joe Hart and Andy Blake’s World Unknown imprint back in 2013.

10. Supersempfft – High On Tech (Loud-E Futuristic Edit)

Finishing things on wonky space disco trip from German band Supersempfft AKA Roboterwerke. Loud-E strips the original back to the core components, equipping it with rubberised basslines and a spongey cosmic synth hook.

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  1. Bruce Tantum

    Just (belatedly) saw that the Moot track was included here. I was in Moot – we are actually from the States, NYC/NJ to be precise. I just realized that Mr. Twitch has been championing this song! So cool.


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