Shining a spotlight on some of the best that YouTube has to offer…

Focusing on sounds that “bring a mesmerising FEEL to the listener”, the Machine Funk Savantage channel is crammed full of captivating tracks from quite disparate ends of the electronic spectrum. From ambient drifts to relentless acid cuts, this is a YouTube channel for open and intuitive minds with big ears. There’s quite a lot to dig through, but fear not, we’ve compiled a playlist of our favourite uploads;

1. I:Cube – ‘A Walk With You’ [Versatile Records]

A piano-led symphony that can really pull on the heartstrings. It may be a little too short, but it’s sweet nonetheless.

2. Huerco S. – ‘Rushing To Paradise’ [Proibito]

The Kansas-born producer can really capture the imagination and nowhere is the more apparent than ‘Rushing To Paradise’, where swathes of engrossing textures are delivered with a nebulous cadence.

3. Burns & Hawk – ‘Becoming Nice’ [Valcrond Video]

Just one of many collaborations between William Thomas Burnett and Luke Wyatt AKA Torn Hawk, the skittering beat is set against a backdrop of spectral electronics that shimmer with a velvety opulence.

4. Neville Watson – ‘War Child’ [Craig Knowes]

We always have time for percussive groovers like Neville Watson’s ‘War Child’, especially when they’re part of a philanthropic venture. Make sure to check out the rest of the Craig Knowes compilation –  not only do proceeds go to a very worthy cause, but the music’s of the highest order too.

5. Nummer – ‘The Golden Age’ [Nummer Music]

French duo Nummer have had quite a year and we particular enjoyed the time they got on an electro tip for their own eponymous imprint.

6. Orson Wells – ‘K.W.’ [Sounds Mirror]

How about a deeply immersive cut from one of Frankfurt’s rising stars? Orson Wells seems to improve with every release and we’re looking forward to seeing what else is up his sleeve.

7. Lutto Lento – ‘Marabut’ [Where To Now?]

Lo-fi aficionado Lutto Lento shows off his ingenuity, marrying steely rhythms with murky, ambient textures.

8. Jonah Considine – ‘Golden Flu’ (Cannibal Ink Remix) [Nein Records]

We didn’t know much of Cannibal Ink before stumbling across this remix, but the Spanish duo have put their mechanised stamp on Considine’s original with aplomb.

9. Jeremiah R. – ‘Diving’ [BAKK]

There’s been a nice little resurgence of contemporary electro recently (not that the genre had ever truly vanished from our radar) and Jeremiah R. has been right at the forefront. Just take this menacing, 303-riddled electro cut as an example of what the Dutch producer is capable of.

10. Boston 168 – ‘Cosmic Radiation’ [Involve Records]

Last but by no means least is an monstrous acid techno transmission from Italian duo, Boston 168. If this were the stuff nightmares are made from we’d never want to wake up!

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