Born out of a club night of the same name, Lunar Disko Records has grown into a one-stop shop for modern electro. Sure, there have been notable forays into housier territory, but this is an imprint we generally look towards for synth-laden excursions that take their cue from the likes of Detroit’s Gerald Donald. After several years spent cultivating a solid reputation, 12″ slabs of acetate bearing the Lunar Disko logo generally fly off the shelves, so you know releases via the limited LDRX series won’t stick around for long. Following up efforts from Automatic Tasty and Slowburn, Lunar Disko have handed a debut to a fellow Dubliner for a third instalment, and in the words of the label: “gone=GONE!”

Cignol kicks things off with ‘2 Chord Ponie’, setting the scene with a marriage of celestial electronics and buoyant electro rhythms. Large swathes of engrossing synth hint at something tranquil, but as the old adage goes, first impressions can be deceiving. Fitted with a bassline that bends and twists like an elasticated waistband, the track oscillates between light and dark, providing moments that are serene at times and turbulent at others. ‘TRumcen’ also serves as a meeting point for contrasting elements – the gently bumping drums allowing plenty of room for a symbiosis of 303s and waif-like pads that ooze personality.

It’s a harder sort of fare on the flip, toughening things up with robust drums and some overdriven bass, but ‘Public Expenditure’ is made of similar stuff to it’s predecessors as Cignol dips back into that same ethereal palette. ‘Teatoster’ is probably the pick of the bunch, resplendent with grand swells of swarming bass and an infectious acid line. It’s the sort of thing you want to be listening to cruising through a futuristic cityscape during the early hours.

LDRX3 is out now and limited to 100 copies – buy direct from the label.

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