Swedish label Junk Yard Connections find themselves in fine fettle with the latest addition to their strictly limited, no repress vinyl series – a 12” EP courtesy of Circadian Rhythm. This release carries with it the important distinction of being the first JYC number to be available both digitally and physically, a move the label feels will simply ‘make it available for as many as possible’. It’s a good thing this democratic turn by the label has occurred now: Château EP is highly recommended listening for all fans of evocative electronics in general.

As you’d expect, there is an abundance of musical highlights – ‘Machina Emotion’ swells and evolves with genuine feeling, a truly sumptuous, moving piece of work. ‘Cynabal’ is equally as captivating, tapping into a hypnotic, booming groove that is both relatively simplistic and, indeed, utterly compelling. ‘Nikko’ is the EP’s most expansive cut – sweeping pads are smeared into the track’s sonic landscape, with sparse percussion and individual flourishes chiming in throughout its 7-minute movement.

The EP’s B-side is where the release’s intended oceanic vibes really come into fruition; ‘404’ taps into its lethargic rhythm right from the off, and surfs its way casually to its heady conclusion. ‘Reef’ proves itself to be the most joyous of the bunch, with intermittent synths punctuating its gloriously relaxed atmosphere, paving the way for 90s downtempo vibes galore. The ‘Naked Version’ of ‘Reef’ provides Château EP with its only additional remix, giving the original the big room treatment. Capitalising on the track’s feeling of elation, it churns out maritime vibes aplenty with real fervour.

You can purchase the Château EP in vinyl format from Redeye and other various online record stores. Digital on the way.

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