I-f’s Viewlexx imprint has been going for two decades, but Cliff Lothar and DJ Overdose are two of the Dutch label’s more recent debutants. Following his work on the famed Cybernetic Broadcasting System radio show (during the pre-Intergalactic FM days), the former’s stock has steadily risen with releases on Skudge White and Riverette, while the latter has mostly kept to the shadows, making sporadic releases under several monikers but remaining firmly based within the realms of Dutch electro.

While Lothar has worked alongside the likes of Danny Wolfers (aka Legowelt) and Orgue Electronique, Overdose has always cut a solitary figure, so we were surprised to see these two teaming up. Together they are ‘The Groupies’ – an interesting choice in name for sure, but don’t let that lead you astray. This is the typically quirky sort of fare they’re both known for as the duo christen the fledgling Baltermore label with a two-tracker under their latest guise.

It’s a marriage of two styles but the title track screams Lothar from the very first kick drum. Squelching, caustic bass and infectious acid lines submerge the title track in a gooey quagmire before the tinkling electronics begin to dance overhead. Flip it over and it feels like we’ve entered Overdose territory – its predecessor’s techno framework ditched in favour of some loose electro rhythms and a bassline that finds a near-perfect balance of booty-shaking groove and alien otherworldliness.

The Groupies Are Insane is coming soon on Baltermore – pre-order the vinyl from Redeye.

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