Inaugurating a label of the same name, A Colder Consciousness host Flora Pitrolo has announced the reissue of Bastion’s sought-after eponymous release. A grail of sorts for collectors of obscure Yugoslav synth-pop and new wave, it was released on state-owned label PGP RTB in 1984. Original copies are practically gold dust today and the reissue marks the debut release for Pitrolo’s radio show, a monthly broadcast primarily focused around DIY electronics from the 1980s. In another first, Blackest Ever Black-affiliates Low Company will take care of distribution, popping their distro cherry in the process.

Bastion was the product of a short-lived collaboration between vocalist Ana Kostovska, composer and musician Kiril Džajkovski, bassist Ljubomir Stojsavljević and film director Milcho Manchevski. Recorded in Skopje, Macedonia, the album is a captivating mixture of saccharine pop and dusky synth-wave, and was so well-received upon its initial release, the four-piece were heralded by journalists as a “Macedonian electropop sensation.” Out next month and sporting a new video for A2’s ‘Deca Sunca’, it’s a fitting start to a label promising “unheard French minimal synth for film, romantic Italian industrial, and some bleakly club-oriented experimental electronic music from contemporary London” in future outings.

Bastion is out March 16th on A Colder Consciousness – pre-order direct from the label.

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