Looking back at 2019, to distant memories of dancing at close proximity with mates and strangers alike, one set keeps springing to mind. It was Garden Of Lovers, AKA Bruits De La Passion members Aymard and Anna, closing the dance with an hour of prog house and Eurodance Gigi D’Agostino would have been proud to call his own. Clubs are now something of a distant memory, but we asked the duo if they’d be up for recording something similar. They duly delivered, and living vicariously through it, we dream of 6 AM dancing in the (hopefully) not-to-distant future.

Not mentioning their other projects would be doing the duo a disservice. Just two cogs of the wheel that is the sprawling BDLP family which gave us OKO DJ, Aymard is one half of Jita Sensation while Anna operates solo under the name Mykonos. The crew are worth keeping tabs on as a whole, but by way of introduction, this makes for the perfect entry point.


“In an atmosphere of curfew and upcoming re-confinement, we give you a dance music mix to enjoy on your own or accompanied. Garden of Lovers is our duo-project allowing us to laugh, dance and sustain this club culture from the ’90s to early 2000s. Deprived of our festive pleasure as dancers or organisers, notably with Bruits de la Passion, it seems more importantly to dig and broadcast this kind of mix.

This tracklist mainly stems from our endless research on the internet with YouTube or Discogs, but also from our child and pre-teenage CDs collections. The truth is that our last bought record for a Garden of Lovers mix dates from 1999 in a supermarket: maybe a Summer Mix Fun Radio compilation!

This mix was conceived in our home on our removable DJ booth. We hope that you’ll listen to it as we do: on your bike, your shower or when you want to dance even if during the cur-few or confinement! Up to you to imagine yourself in a giant Ibiza club dancing with a lot of people :)”

Garden Of Lovers


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