Pure sensory assault, Odete straddles electronic music’s experimental curve with an unbridled and uncompromising take on pop-leaning curveballs, angular electronics and club hybrids. As a member of Circa A.D., a local collective just as concerned with community-building as sonic boundary-pushing, she’s also a lynchpin of Lisbon’s LGBTQ+ scene.

During times of significant sociopolitical change in the Portuguese capital, the safe space created by Odete and her peers proves vital as marginalised communities are given a platform for creative expression. They have fully realised the radical potential of queer club spaces, and the disregard for conventions heard in her music feels similarly groundbreaking and revolutionary. In a generally hostile environment, the near-autobiographical themes pervading Odete’s contributions are both crucial and deeply personal.

With a tape on Troublemaker Records and Rotten Fresh, 2019 was something of a breakthrough year. We expect big things in 2020, but in the meantime, here’s a themed mix straight from the “land of broken femmes.”

Hi Odete, could you tell us a bit about the mix?

This mix is a recollection of lost tracks on my computer and a bridge between what I once heard and what I now hear. Trying to understand if it’s possible any coherence and what does my past sound like in the present, if that makes any sense. It is about nothing – just sound experiments and aesthetics trying to circumscribe immediate feelings and sensations.

When and where was it recorded?

It was recorded on my boyfriend’s house, on my computer. I don’t remember the exact day.

How would you recommend listening to it?

I would recommend listening to it on an angry day, or maybe when you’re going from place to place and you don’t have much time – that bridge between things, moments, places is the perfect mood for this I think.

Do you have any process when it comes to sourcing new music? Any specific places you look?

I dig deep down Bandcamp and Soundcloud – specially in the middle of the likes and comments of the people I admire.

How did you source the music played in this mix?

I searched weird names on my computer and letters trying to see what appeared.

You made your debut on Naivety, the Violet-helmed Naive sub-label in 2018. How did you first come in contact with Violet?

Violet and I met on a dating app, went on a date and decided that our comradeship should continue outside of it. Sometimes politics comes first.

How’s the state of the Lisbon scene in 2020, in particular for those within the LGBTQ+ community?

Terrible. It’s one of the most precarious scenes I ever encountered. People earn 20 eur for live sets or even less or even nothing. Sound systems are awful and some venues are even rotting – however, people don’t give up and continue to pursue their goals and to make A M A Z I N G music. The best music is coming from the trans and queer communities from Portugal I must say – but oh well it’s my community so I’M GUILTY

Your music seems to be a real melting pot of styles, but where have you been drawing most of your inspiration from lately?

I’ve been drawing inspiration from other mediums, specially visual art. However I do think that’s not as impactful as the works of my friends, that have been my greatest inspiration. I’m surrounded by beauty.

You seem to have a prolific output, making a lot of it available to download for free via Soundcloud as well. Any advice to producers nervous to share a lot of their material publicly?

My advice would only be: WHY NOT? There’s already too much information, too much music, too much noise – you won’t be criticised or judged – if you feel the need to share and communicate then do it! Chances might be that someone will be touched by that among the insanity that surrounds us.

And finally, what’s next on the agenda?

I have an EP coming out on the 27th of March on the UK label New Scenery. Also I have some collaborations and remixes, but most important to me is the two exhibitions I’ll have, as they are my first ones! I’m excited. And of course the gigs, Brussels and Berlin this month and then Paris next month (besides all the Portugal gigs ofc.).

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