An undeniable sense dissonance permeates Scott Young‘s last EP. Released on Discos Capablanca, Ket City‘s dissociative abstraction of house tropes made for a disorientating listen, but this was far from the first foray into dizzying territory. In fact, Young has made this something of a trend. Trawl through the Hong Kong native’s back catalogue, and you’ll find similarly off-kilter releases under aliases like Satin Doll and Dopamine Rider.

Since its release, Young has gone from taking a step back to readying new material, possibly under a different alias. Emerging from a much-needed break galvanised and rejuvenated, he continues to confound and beguile with a mix centred around the theme of ‘hyper-mentalism’.

Hi Scott, could you tell us a bit about the mix?

My mind was infested with blurring boundaries over time. Hyper-Mentalism, mind-blindness that is, to question reality if something is evident. Things sometimes seem remarkably real in the first place, but it was just a dream after a deep sleep.

The final decision over the mix reflects that very well. There are quite a few bits that tricked you to believe they’re part of the track. I managed to hide them after some edits and became part of the transitions.

When and where was it recorded?

It was recorded at my place in Causeway Bay under two-day sessions on Traktor.

How would you recommend listening to it?

Lie down on the sofa and sip Mezcal if necessary.

Do you have any process when it comes to sourcing new music? Any specific places you look or favourite spots to go digging?

Usually, via Bandcamp feed, I ransacked my wallet a lot for many instant purchases. I included a new one from Shy [uon/Special Guest DJ] on a private Discord channel. 

How about the last record you bought?

A conscious purchase last time was back in Dalston. I remember I was hazy and picked this up under ‘Steppa’ section. Shouts to Jack Foster from Eldica Records.

Do you have any process when it comes to record store digging?

Unpopular opinion here, for the stuff I don’t know well I usually judge the cover as a first impression. However, not necessarily to look pretty, but has to look right. If I tend to look for the mellow side, I hardly expect a gabba record sleeve will help my current mood. 

Where have you been based throughout the pandemic? Any go-to coping mechanisms that you’ve relied on to cope with things like lockdown and quarantine?

I went back to Hong Kong to develop further my web business. I managed to make an EP for OOH-Sounds during my free time. Rebecca Salvadori made a film based on that. It was entirely done under my imagination and fingertips.

And finally, do you have planned for the rest of the year?

My mental break for making music was almost over. I start setting my mind on making a debut album. I’m restarting another alias Satin Doll or Dopamine Rider to develop an album too. I could use a break away from Scott Young.

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