Multimedia artist, producer and DJ, Moonbow is the singular alter ego of Eleanor Hardwick. Key member of SIREN – a collective committed to creating safer spaces for women and non-binary individuals in the dance music scene – the Londoner’s come along way since honing their vocal talents to Kate Bush in the car. Between their haunting and ethereal brand of avant-pop, playing out electrified strains of techno and trance to dancefloors across Europe or working tirelessly to address gender imbalances, the word “pigeonholed” doesn’t enter Moonbow’s vocabulary.

No stranger to the more horizontal, massaging or esoteric – just check their contribution to the excellent Deep Mind Music series – Moonbow celebrates all things piano with a drone-leaning contribution to the Concept In Practice series. After all, it is Piano Day.

“Started 4 years ago by German composer Nils Frahm, Piano Day falls on the 88th day of each year (this year it’s March 29th) and many events and releases come together to celebrate the magic of this (conventionally) 88-key instrument. For a while I’ve been wanting to make a mix of ambient and drone music that is centered around sustained piano notes, and today felt like the perfect time to release it. Recently, meditation has been my lifeline whilst being essentially house bound for two months due to health reasons, and I owe so much to ambient music for being such an incredible tool for healing — so I hope this mix can also help others too.

Sonically, this mix is as much about the moments of silence as it is about the music itself, with each new track emerging from a mist left by the one before. I wanted to make a mix that honours the piano’s ability to beautifully bridge the gap between acoustic and electronic music.” – Moonbow

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