Peggy Viennetta has been, and continues to be, many things. Planet Fun‘s self-proclaimed “𝐵𝒾𝓉𝒸𝒽 𝒮𝓉𝑒𝓅 𝑀𝑜𝓂” is a proponent of Lambrini chic, a makina and happy hardcore kween that will fuck your party up before leaving abruptly in a cloud menthol smoke. Not only well-versed in all things garish and hardcore, Peggy can be your motivational speaker – she’s given workshops on how to become a social media influencer for GFOTY – or maybe you caught her DJing while giving advice on “emotional attachments to objects, spirituality and the occult” at the Bristol Museum.

Rather than you sticking on the yacht rock, Peggy’s served up an alternative soundtrack for the lockdown BBQ. A departure from the accelerated BPMs we’ve grown accustomed to, the mix demonstrates a side to her personality she should share more often, complete with wrong-speed trance and Charli XCX ambient edits, piano compositions and the most unexpected of mashups. Where else are you going to hear Lou Reed, Enya, Natalie Imbruglia and Sean Kingston reimagined in the same blend?

Peggy Vienetta is a name on people’s lips, but who IS she?

Ol’ Peg has been knocking round the clubs since you were listening to N-Dubz at the back of the school bus. She’s a bit of a shady bitch at times but if you catch her on a good day she’s the last hun you’ll ever need.

Can you tell us a bit about the mix?

Lockdown has been weird, like fully weird, Iv just not really got in to the whole stream thing and it’s just been a creative black hole. The music I’m known for playing is so club focused and for me that’s the place it should be listened too so I decided to take the time to refocus on other genres that I love but rarely find the time to play. Iv had this playlist of stuff that I would chuck on as the suns coming up at the afters but actually pulled it all together with the idea of it being played when your in a park or at a BBQ with people you might not know. I always get stressed out when trying to play music in a public space, it’s full on anxiety inducing and I always fell like I’m being judged so rarely play ‘dance music’ but instead of reaching for the generic disco mix I made this for when you’re on a different hype.

When and where was it recorded?

Some of the mixes I’d been playing for a while but it was amalgamated during the great lockdown heatwave of 2020.

How would you recommend listening to it?

With friends and White Zinfandel.

Can you tell us a bit about Planet Fun? How did you come to get involved?

Planet Fun is a whole different story tbh, I ran the Bristol arm of it but recently moved to London to consolidate forces with grand overlords DJ Fingerblast and Count Baldor. We’ve just been trying to just do something different for the past few years and worked closely with lots of PC Music artists and others from that ilk but basically all we wanted to do was get away with playing Melbourne Bounce in UK clubs.

How do you feel about the proliferation of DJs playing Eurodance, trance and similar genres right now?

It’s actually pretty lit tbh, the reason why Planet Fun works is because it offers an alternative to the saturated house and techno scene where the majority of promoters think they are only gonna get ahead by taking things super seriously. So yeh, it’s always a welcome surprise when you hear some joker drop the extended mix of ‘Fog On The Tyne’ in to some Basic Channel.

Do you have any process when it comes to sourcing new music? Any specific places you look or favourite spots to go digging?

I used to buy a lot of records and only actually leant to use CDJs about 12 months ago so now I’m all about the Bandcamp and Soundcloud algorithms lol.

How about the last record you bought?

The last record record was Jez North’s Kill All Cover Bands on Wrong Music. It’s a noise 10” with loads of extra holes drilled in it so it wobbles all over the place when you play it smfh ¯(ツ)

 Do you have any process when it comes to record store digging?

Yeh I kind of have to stop myself going to places that have the stuff that everyone’s playing or stuff that’s just graded on chonky Discogs prices. I pretty much just go to charity shops but there is a great market stall in Bristol that has so much classic hard dance for like £2/3 a record.

How did you source the music played in this mix?

A lot of it is stuff that Iv been playing for years (behind closed doors) but I also did a bit of a whip round some close mates to chuck me anything they might have that was along the same lines.

Has getting your Sterling Dual and WKD Blue fix proven difficult in lockdown?

RIP clicky cigs :’( 4eva in our hearts <3

We’d usually ask what’s next on your agenda, but given the current situation, can you share some of your go-to coping mechanisms for a life in lockdown?

Haha so actually Planet Fun never sleeps and we had loads of events lined up for summer so we have put them on hold but are now trying to work out how we can run something soon as the restrictions are lifted to a reasonable point (no intention of people sitting on chairs in some weird empty club tho).xx

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