There’s personality in abundance on Creta Kano’s Happy Skull debut.

It’s almost impossible to pinpoint the Happy Skull output to any particular genre. That’s not to say there aren’t any consistent themes running through the Bristol label’s back catalogue, however. Launched by the Kelly Twins back in 2013, previous Happy Skulls releases have explored the possibilities that come from synthesising machine-driven rhythms with buckets of warmth, vitality and emotion and the end product has rarely disappointed.

Mysterious Pinkman consiprator Creta Kano is behind a sixth release and on first impressions, it’s shaping up nicely. ‘False Water’ gives us a first taste of HAPSKL006 and I’m probably not alone in hearing echoes of Shackleton’s recent work on this one. Floaty pads colour the track, while the dusty, muscular rhythms rumble on underneath, providing a solid backbone that carries tonnes of depth and personality.

Keep an eye on the Happy Skull Soundcloud page for further details on a release.

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