Musically speaking, Melbourne has proven itself to be a particularly special locale over the past few years or so. A seemingly fantastic hotspot for exciting electronic material, new artists, 12″s and labels seem to crop up on a relentlessly frequent basis from the Aussie city. On that note, it was with great fervour and anticipation that we sat down to listen to the inaugural release for Cry Baby Records – a fresh imprint set up by Baby Björn and the Untzz Twelve Inch-affiliated Babicka – which comes from Dan White, AKA Rory McPike. White, who also releases ambient music as Rings Around Saturn and blistering hardware jams under his 2200 alias, has delivered a highly nuanced 12″ that touches on atmospheric jungle, intricately constructed IDM and placid ambient over the course of its three tracks.

With its fantastic use of breaks and euphoric soundscapes, opening cut ‘Precognitive Dreams’ takes things back to the absolute height of the UK junglist movement. It’s a tune which verges on being labelled as drill ‘n’ bass at times, with its skittering drum beats and jerky percussive fills being very much reminiscent of Richard D. James Album-era Aphex Twin. As things wind down to a close, its eventual fadeout will no doubt leave listeners pining for the days-gone-by sound it aims to revive throughout its duration.

‘VP3’ follows, and it has all the hallmarks of dance music that focuses on the cerebral: its amorphous construction, idiosyncratic rhythm and extremely wide range of FX-laden noises all point toward acts like Autechre and other pinnacles of the “braindance” movement. The second and final B-side offering displays another string in White’s bow – his ability to strip everything back, so as to produce a refined and meditative piece of pensive ambience. ‘Fearless Freak’ is a truly beautiful composition of hazy, shimmering tones, and it really is an ideal closer to this varied and genuinely magnificent EP.

The Now You Are Here EP is out now on Cry Baby Records – buy the vinyl here.

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