Having generously spotlit a prolific clutch of rarities in 2017, Dark Entries arrive at the end of the year with yet more exciting news. Out today, a collaboration with the obscura repress arm of Chuggy Leath’s Emotional hydra tackles Psychic TV affiliates, Virginia.

It follows hot on the heels of another Dark Entries excavation, repackaging and remastering ‘Sideways’ from the Mike Mangino and Chris Shepard collaboration, Smersh. The product of a jam session that dates back to 1989, it marks the fourth time that New Jersey duo have appeared on Josh Cheon’s label, most recently with the 2016 retrospective, Selected Deep House AnthemsOut now and sporting several modern remixes, both are versatile and interesting archival pieces from ever-impressive brothers of the deep dig.

Liner notes on the former explain how PTV’s lineup and direction shifted over the course of the decade, taking particular influence from Detroit and Chicago’s nascent house and techno movements. In 1988 the collective recorded a batch of songs in London, putting them out in a couple of compilations under pseudonyms – giving the impression that London was home to a thriving acid house scene all of its own (these compilations were Jack the Tab’s Acid Tablets Vol. 1 and Tekno Acid Beat).

Virginia (the studio project of Dave Ball (Soft Cell) and his then-wife “Gini” Virginia Ball) produced a single track for the compilation – ‘Blue Pyramid’, which comparatively holds the squelching basslines of acid house and new beat side-by-side, with the gurgling, swooping flourishes and jacking polyrhythms made tame by Gini’s mournful Arabic-swooning violin, grown from swaying to soaring.

Honey Soundsystem pillar Bézier stands forward with a remix for us here, turning the sultry Middle-Eastern strings into a Giallo synth-score, which morphs again gradually into a operatic kosmiche opus, a ticking-then-chattering 808-rhythm laced through it’s blinking arps. The record also sees remixes by Khidja and Mark Pistel, and will be housed in “a trippy majorelle blue and purple die-cut sleeve with classic yellow Psychic TV skull label” and include a “2-sided 6×6” square insert with a photograph by Fred Giannelli.”

Sideways and Blue Pyramid are out now – buy the vinyl here.

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