Dubliner Dave Hargadon, also one half of Slowburn, is once again firing up his solo efforts. Having released two records on Italian outfit Land of Dance in 2014, Hargadon is now back on local label Signal Code Records to deliver the hardware-driven, scintillating house excursions that make up his Windmill Lane EP.

B1 cut ‘Fragmented’ is a spaced-out groove. Coloured in with Hargadon’s elongated, somber keys, it sketches out a wistful tune as the enjoyably rhythmic analogue percussion subtly reinvents itself throughout. The noodling bassline is a definite highlight – combined with the pitter patter drum work, it helps to counterbalance the more abstract tinkling and sci-fi-esque synths that zone in and out of the background. The result is a contemplative cosmic voyage, packing enough punch in the rhythm section to work on the dancefloor but adorned with enough subtle shifts to make it a close listening treat.

The Windmill Lane EP is out October 28th on Signal Code Records.

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