John Roberts, DJ Richard, Efdemin and Pantha Du Prince have all contributed to the landmark release.

Dial Records will celebrate fifteen years with a compilation of new music from various label affiliates.

Founded by David Lieske (Carsten Jost), Paul Kominek (Pawel/Turner) and Peter M. Kersten (Sten/Lawrence), the Hamburg label has spent fifteen years negotiating its way through techno, house, electronica, ambient and much, much more. Exploring avant-garde electronic landscapes and music found at the more abstract and stripped-back edges of the dance floor, they’ve cultivated a style that regularly defies genre boundaries.

Fifteen years on and over one hundred releases deep, Dial are preparing to celebrate with a mouthwatering compilation. Likely to serve as a broad cross-section of the label’s output over a decade and a half, Dial 15 Years will feature fifteen new productions from various long-term affiliates and a few newcomers (including DJ Richard and Physical Therapy).

Set for release on May 25th, the Dial 15 Years Compilation will be available in both CD and vinyl format.


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