So, it’s official – Bandcamp‘s ‘Bandcamp Friday’ series comes to a close today. Initially conceived to help combat the loss of touring income for artists, it has since paved the way for compilations where proceeds are earmarked for charitable donation, and waiving their fees for 24-hours at a time, fan have spent over $75 million on the platform since its inception.

Following our July, August and October columns, here’s yet another selection of standout charitable contributions.


Instalment number three in Arca’s Mutants Mixtape series pulls together a staggering 56 tracks from the Mutants1000000 Discord community.

Who’s on it: Arca, xato, Elise Massoni

Where’s the money going: All profits will be donated to the Native American Rights Fund.

Unreleased B-side action as Andras covers DJ Slugo’s Dance Mania classic ‘Freaky Ride’, complete with samples from an ’90s advert for Toilet Duck liquid cleaner .

Who’s on it: Andras

Where’s the money going: All profits will be donated to the World Toilet Organisation.

Nisf Madeena

Seeking to provide relief for those affected by August’s tragic explosion in the Port of Beirut, Tunisian platform Ma3azef linked up with New York-based mastering engineer Heba Kadry for a head-turning compilation.

Who’s on it: Nicolás Jaar, Slikback, Deena Abelwahed, Fatima Al Qadiri, Ancient Methods

Where’s the money going: All profits will be donated to Fundraising Campaign for the Arts and Culture Community in Beirut, the Beirut Musicians’ Fund and Beit el Baraka.

SLINK Volume 1

Bringing peak-time club, cavernous electro, aerated trap and tripped-out reggaeton, SLINK NYC inaugurate their label with a 4-tracker of fearlessly genre-defying music from the inner sanctum.

Who’s on it: rrao, K Wata, Enayet, Simisea

Where’s the money going: 50% of profits will be donated to NYC Nightlife United.


DECISIONS celebrates 5 years with a 15-track compilation that leaves few stones unturned in its quest for bleeding-edge electronics.

Who’s on it: Emily Glass, Laughing Ears, Air Max ’97, Yre Den, DJ Plead

Where’s the money going: All label-side profits will be donated to Pay The Rent.

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