So it seems we jumped the gun declaring that the ‘Bandcamp Friday’ series had come to an end. Initially conceived to help combat the loss of touring income for artists, it has since paved the way for compilations where proceeds are earmarked for charitable donation, and after a month-long hiatus, Bandcamp have waived their fees for another 24-hours today.

Fans have spent over $75 million on the platform since the series’ inception, but with so much music to wade through, we singled out several standout charitable contributions.

New World Dysorder WW1

Traversing techno, jungle, electro, trance, club and more, the inaugural compilation from Jasmine Infiniti‘s New World Dysorder collective features transgender, gender non-conforming, femme-identifying and POC artists from the inner sanctum.

Who’s on it: BoredLord, Jasmine Infiniti, BadSista, Malka, BAE BAE, Sister Zo, Neve

Where’s the money going: All profits will be donated to BASE and Roses.

Nkisi – DJ KITOKO VOL​.​3

Nkisi dons the DJ KITOKO alias for another self-released distillation of her melo-rhythmic trance.

Where’s the money going: All profits will be donated to organisations taking care of orphans in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

VA – Serotonin

Edited Arts, an event series-cum-label based out of London, gathers forward-facing electronics themed around “psycho-sensory states of happiness, or the lack thereof.”

Who’s on it: Felisha Ledesma, dj celes, Eye Measure, mu tate, Nexcyia, KMRU, IVVVO

Where’s the money going: Black Cultural Archives and Raw Music Media.

Avon Terror Corps – Wish You Were Avon

Some of Bristol’s finest sonic provocateurs gather on a new compilation from Bokeh Versions affiliated “crew label”, Avon Terror Corps.

Who’s on it: FUMU, DJ Die Soon, Désir d’Enfant, Miguel Prado, Salac, Dead Space Chamber Music

Where’s the money going: All profits will be donated to BASE and Roses.

Music for Another Sky

Bristol-based ambient/drone label Mailbox label offer widescreen panoramic visions on this bumper 32-track compilation.

Who’s on it: Lucy Liyou, Scott Campbell, Patricia Wolf, KMRU

Where’s the money going: All profits will be donated to Refuge.


The latest Shubzin compilation draws gun fingers with warehouse ordnance and bass-heavy experimentalism.

Who’s on it: Dome Zero, Anna Morgan, Joe Koshin, Estebahn, Fiesta Soundsytem

Where’s the money going: All profits will be donated to Faz Amnesty and Steel Warriors.

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