“Restlessly creative Sacha Mambo delights in the unexpected, he began collecting records from the age of fifteen and considers himself somewhat ‘ayatollah’ about vinyl. Macadam Mambo was originally a DJ collective Sacha created in Paris during in 2008, later expanding to parties in Lyon. In 2012 Sacha together Guillaume Des Bois turned Macadam Mambo into a label, they have over sixteen vinyl releases to date, featuring Balearic house, disco edits, Synth-Pop, basically whatever happens to float their proverbial boat. Mambo has several releases to his own name with his debut album ‘From This Desire’ released under the MZKBX moniker on Karat Records in 2014. Here for us today Monsieur Mambo turns in an uber hallucinatory mix, sure to turn your dreariest day to tropical heat, your fears and pains to softcore massages, brandy shots and cherry chocolate sundaes.”

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