“This recording is an attempt 2 share a certain mindstate with you, the listener.

Music has been described as abstracted emotion, given physical form for the convenience of sharing between persons. An empathic aid, condensed first into the spin-states of nanoscale magnetic domains then conveyed via atmospheric perturbations to its ultimate destination: a time-varying field of undulating electro-chemical impulses, resplendent against the canvas of the listener’s ever-shifting neural network.

If you can find some time to relax, clear your mind and listen to this recording continuously (resisting the ever-present temptation to skip through) then we believe there is a good chance you will successfully receive our empathic transmission and enjoy a series of emotions similar to ours when this mix was recorded.

If you feel that this process has been successful in any way, we invite you to marvel at the ability of music to transmit emotion between total strangers, across vast distances and through great spans of time. This aspect of music is somewhat rarely considered and of one its most fascinating properties.
Many thanks to Oscar for inviting us to participate in the Dimensions series, the other mixes are of a consistently high quality and contributing to it has been a great experience.” 

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