Starting up a record label in 2015 is a gamble, whatever the music. Opt to focus said label on releasing music inspired by the bawdy, Chicago sound of ghetto house in 2015, and you’ll undoubtably raise some eyebrows. It’s a bold move, but one the people behind Hard Beach Entertainment were clearly happy to take. How often do you come across a record label that sets a DJ Deeon stomper as the benchmark to what they’re looking for?

Given the aforementioned modus operandi, DJs Beusta served up a curveball for the opener. Practically weightless, the shimmering pads feel as if they could waft into the stratosphere without a sturdy anchor (provided by one of the most overdriven kick drums we’ve ever heard). ‘A Jazzy Thing’ on the other hand sees Trebluf take a step into DJ Deeon territory — it’s rigid, muscular framework never allowing for a moment of respite beneath a marriage of discordant piano and chopped-up vocal samples.

As expected, the ghetto themes continue on the flip. Never mind the title, ‘Sunday Afternoon’ is more peak-time ordnance than something you want soundtracking your hangover. Insistent and infectious, the dusty, truncated samples turn this collaborative effort into a proper little earworm. Leading a jacking assault on the senses, Beusta isn’t holding anything back on the closer either. Rumbling bass, a rigid hi-hat line and boisterous drums Deeon himself would be proud to call his own, ‘Untitled #02’ shows us what this label is all about.

The Out Of The Blue EP is out now in and available in vinyl format from Kristina Records.

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