If you’ve never heard of Fett Burger, his brother Sotofett or their joint Sex Tags venture, it’s about time you sat up and took notice. The Scandinavian duo have achieved cult status putting a playful and idiosyncratic stamp on a wide range of genres, touching everything from italo to jungle, while winning over swathes of fans for their boundary-less, genre-hopping DJ sets.

While Sotofett was the busier of the two for some time, his younger brother has been catching up in terms of productivity. Whether its managing a distribution service, curating a well-respected mix series or setting up new labels with the likes of Jayda G, Fett Burger isn’t the sort to be caught standing still.

Also a keen illustrator, the Norwegian expat inaugurated his own Mongo Fett imprint last year and he’s set to follow it up with a new two-tracker. Based around the B2 contribution from a split 12″ with Telephones that dates back to 2013, the Berlin resident shoehorns the woozy, tropical aesthetic into two percussive cuts primed for the dancefloor.

Burger Trip is out now in 12″ format – buy now direct from Hard Wax or pre-order via Redeye.

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