Incienso is the new label run by Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery, and will this month be inaugurated with a ridiculously good LP from one of Brian Piñeyro’s stable of good-guises. And what’s in store? The pairing of melancholy, new-age pads and off-kilter reggaeton. Duh. Of course.

Piñeyro will hopefully sound familiar – he’s also DJ Wey and DJ Xanax, he’s released an EP on 1080p as Luis last year, not long after bringing out DJ Python’s debut on Naple’s other imprint, Proibito. He’s pioneered ‘day-core’ and ‘deep reggaeton’, the latter most keenly describing this, his first LP, Dulce Compañia.

Piñeyro’s Python alias has been refined here – we pass through the muggy haze of low-glowing new-age pads and electronic glimmers, warm and with eyes half-closed, lilting in the sway of spiky, fragmented kuduro and reggaeton rhythms. ‘Todo Era Azul’ is offered in two parts – the version loading a breakbeat which never quite breaks out, instead marching beneath lofty, shimmering chords; elsewhere the dub submerses us deep into the long wash of soft trance echoes, with the restrained breakbeat tick half remembered into the background.

The dotted, off-kilter rhythms and swelling, decaying pads on ‘Yo Ran (Do)’ and ‘Acostados’ are looped into an infinity groove and then dubbed out, with squelching, aquatic, rave-stab noodling moving to the fore – managing to make total sense tonally in this soft track, before spinning into white noise and giving way to a trippy, syncopated, chopped vocal sample. Even the record’s most straightforward track, the ambient ‘Esteban’, shifts through the subtle fading of a well-placed kick, skewing the emphasis and suggesting an entirely different rhythm concealed within the track – but it’s never allowed to take over, fading out as soon as the suggestion is made.

A stoned, crooked smile and heavy-eyed sway runs through the record, slow moving and bittersweet. It’s clever and tight, and pretty singular as a release, a strong initial release for Incienso and indeed a strong debut LP for Piñeyro.

Dulce Compañia is out September 25th on Incienso – pre-order in vinyl and digital formats here.

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