London’s Lobster Theremin finds itself to be the home of DJ Sonikku’s latest release, the highly upbeat and effervescent All My Friends EP. Keeping up with the hot streak of material that Jimmy Asquith’s imprint has put out so far in 2016, including some of our favourite releases from the past eight months – most notably DJ Wave’s ‘Above The Clouds’ 12” and Raw M.T.’s ‘Richard’s Revenge’ – the latest tunes from Tony Donson under his Sonikku alias prove to be a worthy successor to the vibrant Secret Island release from earlier this year.

Described as “the culmination of Sonikku’s mental and spiritual journey into his own version of a hyperreal NYC”, All My Friends certainly makes the most of its heady concept and melting pot of musical influences. Whilst he still incorporates some of those 16-bit Mega Drive chip jams that made their predecessors so memorable, this new batch of cuts also implements some Italo and disco instrumentation and straight-up euphoric melodies designed specifically for the club. Opener ‘Chemical Plant’, for example, struts along with real swagger and allure, thanks to its slap-bass backbone and bongo and cowbell-laden percussion. ‘Sand Oasis’, the second A-side offering, pumps out a twinkling synth mirage which evokes a tropical environment that’s genuinely as sanguine as it is soothing.

‘Untitled (Club Use)’ is the B-side closer, and delivers precisely what it suggests in its title; with its cropped vocal samples and truly joyous melodic drop, it makes for nine and a half minutes of pure fun and is the perfect soundtrack for some hedonistic unwinding. Overall, this is a release that will provide a suitable audio backdrop for all those listeners out there who don’t quite want summer to end yet – anyone armed with music like this will most certainly be in the party’s driving seat.

All My Friends is out now on Lobster Theremin – buy the vinyl and digital direct from the label.

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