The brainchild of DJ Sotofett and younger brother Fett Burger, the Sex Tags label operates under several different guises. From the more conventional Sex Tags Mania output to the unpigeonhole-able, abstract sounds of Amfibia, Sotofett’s Wania label and the Fett Burger-curated UFO offshoot, few stones have been left unturned since the eccentric Norwegian duo upped sticks for Berlin. Techno to electro, ambient to dub, leftfield excursions are generally the order of the day and the latest Mania 12″ sees the return of another shining light in Nordic electronic music, Bjørn Torske.

Torske and Sotofett were already well acquainted long before this record came to be: with a hand 3 Sex Tags Mania releases to date, the former also received a credit for his drum work on a Sotofett 12″ released by Laton last year. But despite regularly appearing on the same lineup for Sex Tags showcases around the globe, their musical collaborations had been few and far between, until now.

Keen ears may recognise the A-side as the closing track from a mix Torske did for FACT in 2010, but the original ‘Høst’ was actually unfinished before Sotofett got hold of it. Enriching the mix with swathes of reverb and hypnotic drum work, it’s quintessential Sex Tags right from the get-go. Whether we’ll be treated to the original version remains to be seen but while the ‘Støydubb‘ plays out at a shuffle, ‘Sotofett’s Version‘ sees the drum breaks elongated, lending it a loping swing that Jenz Wohlrab supplements with some additional jazz piano.

Høst is out January 9th on Sex Tags Mania – pre-order the vinyl here.

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