The latest on Berceuse Heroique sees producer Don’t DJ, aka artist and musician Florian Meyer, come up against the experimental power of Dresvn, the musical duo comprised of Dynamo Dreesen and SVN. Having released the ‘Hexentrix’ 12-inch under this guise on Berceuse Heroique back in September last year, the latest offering from Don’t DJ proves to be thoroughly compelling in both its original form, as well as in its accompanying remix.

The first take on ‘Gammellan’ has a pulsating energy and various stabs of bass aplenty, both of which seem to persist throughout its nine-and-a-half minute runtime. With sparse percussion appearing from all angles as we progress, the coming together of these elements really does serve to embellish the track’s fervent build-up. The repetitive nature is certainly alluring, inducing a hypnotic recognition within the listener, but the changes that take place over its full duration are subtle and not always entirely obvious. Given the tribal feel of the track and its rhythm, it’s quite fitting that it finally closes out with a suitable chime, lending a calm sense of closure to its heady climax.

The Dresvn remix is certainly a different beast – so much so that it is virtually unrecognisable when put up against the original. This is a much more classically-inflected dance number, albeit with its own experimental twists and turns. The central fluttering melody rides over its transmission-like glitches and sounds, a decision which really highlights the ecstatic feel of the remix itself. A cosmic synth jam improvises as the track draws to a close, most probably an influence of Dresvn’s live sets, and it stretches and warps the original ‘Gammellan’ to what genuinely feels like another dimension. As long as Berceuse Heroique keep putting out highly varied and exciting material like this, it’s a given that we’ll stay tuned in to their output.

BH 029 is expected this month so keep an eye on the Berceuse Heroique Facebook page for further updates.

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