With roots firmly planted in South London, Doppelate can regularly be found playing parties across the capital, while every 4th Wednesday of the month takes him to Balamii‘s Peckham studio where he hosts a show alongside DJ Soda Stream. A producer on the rise, his debut release on the nascent Let’s Go Swimming label came furnished with four graceful, atmospheric adventures characterised by beatific chord progressions and billowing textures.

Out soon as a cassette on Share XL, the followup, entitled Transatlantic Rocket Machine, sees Doppelate stretching his legs and experimenting. The club-friendly house blueprint is discarded in favour of amorphous ambient arrangements that induce goosebumps and pull on heartstrings: listening in full resembles something of an emotional rollercoaster, soaring with optimism one moment and sinking into melancholy the next. Recently teasing us with some horn action, there’s another LGS release in production, but the Londoner has found time in a busy schedule to curate a playlist of his favourite space-faring sonics.

1. 1991 – No More Dreams I

Contemporary fuzz for take-off.  This whole album is great and hearing this opening track feels like immersing yourself in an infinite bath of white noise.

2. Genesis P-Orridge & Astrid Monroe – The Final Puzzle

Two essential names manage to make something that sounds both straight from 2001, and timeless.  The info on the cover describes it as “dark and dreamy”, I think that’s the perfect description.

3. Atom Heart – Slow Motion

One of Atom TM’s colossal list of aliases here with spacey, groovy stylishness.  Not a speck of dust on it.

4. Jeff Mills – Nepta

I feel like it would be wrong go without mentioning at least one Jeff Mills track.  This one especially sums up the futuristic, alien sounds that early techno artists were aiming for, and it still retains that character today; a journey into the unknown. 

5. Suzanne Ciani – Princess With Orange Feet

More futuristic beeps from the iconic Suzanne Ciani.  Some people say that this track can act as a tool to directly communicate with distant UFOs… 

6. Risque – Starlight

Beautiful human vocals on this Dutch hit from the 80s.  This would be a perfect soundtrack for an evening slow dance among the stars.  Thanks to my good friend Jonah for first showing me this record.

7. Ocean Parkway – Universal (One)

Out-and-out warehouse assassin that would also work well twenty million miles away from Earth.  The watery stabs always make me feel like I’m driving some kind of heavy machinery.

8. The Hacker – At Night

No letting up; straight into this Drexciyan onslaught by The Hacker.  This always seems to make people lose control of their own limbs when I play it.  Malfunction!

9. DJ Sotofett & Phillip Lauer feat. JEKS – Space Dub

It had to be done.

10. Arthur Russell – This Is How We Walk On The Moon

Arthur Russell is one of my favourite musicians of the 20th century.  As well as being the inspiration for the name of my beloved Let’s Go Swimming, his music is completely packed with character and influence.  Everything about this track is perfect in my opinion, even the imperfect bits, and I wish I could go back to the first time I heard it. 

Transatlantic Rocket Machine is out soon on Share XL, with a brand new Doppelate EP arriving soon via Let’s Go Swimming. He also plays the LGS release party alongside DJ Normal 4, Henry Fry and Bahamian Moor at Five Miles, London, on September 2nd

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