Following up on the strong Jules Venturini EP that saw release at the turn of the year, Polish label Brutaż are rolling out some fresh material, courtesy of mysterious L.A. producer Draveng. Having put out music in the past on Physical Therapy’s Allergy Season imprint, Draveng’s debut for this fledgling Warsaw outfit represents a more leftfield approach to production when compared to Venturini’s finely crafted, blissful electronics. Instead, there’s a distinct focus on the noisier, more abrasive side of things, with an experimental edge showcasing just how versatile and opposing Brutaż want to be with their output.

Relevant examples of Draveng’s focus on the abstract this time around include the A2 beast ‘Xeroxer’, a seven minute barrage of looped vocal samples and mutated acidic noise that eventually crumbles down into a culminating, squelchy voice that very much signifies the track’s conclusion. ‘Hang Eleven’ similarly focuses on the noisier side of techno; its guttural rumble lends the proceedings some sense of conventional rhythm, albeit a very warped and surreal one.

Another highlight is ‘Lords of Mire’, with its rapid 303-sounding synths and an almost industrial sense of grandiosity that lend the entire piece a quite frankly menacing sense of foreboding. Simply put, there is only so much description can do when it comes to this EP – listeners will have to subject themselves to its audible onslaught and experience it first-hand.

Brutaż 002 is out now – pre-order at Redeye or buy the vinyl now from Hardwax.

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