Kalahari Oyster Cult, with a fitted retainer and a polished display cabinet of releases, both old and new, have managed to render more than a modern expression of dance music. The Amsterdam-based imprint has continues to show a clear understanding of the the fluidity and dynamism of contemporary, dancefloor-focused sounds. 

With less than thirty releases circulating, the Amsterdam-based imprint quite rightly made a name themselves through the huge reissue of Raymond Castoldi’s X-Ray Records discography in 2017. The label has since harnessed the sublime quality of Castoldi’s music while ramping up operations to cultivate an extremely fresh sound with the aid of powerfully talented roster of artists; a finesse of nodding one’s head to the past but still understanding what is relevant in the present. 

On the back of that, it may come as no surprise how tender and gorgeous  Eversines‘ label debut turned out to be. Plooi is a wonderfully dynamic and exceptionally spell-binding inauguration from yet another Amsterdam-based artist. It begs the question: When does the talent pool dry out? 

‘Missing (Mix 1)’ oozes clear skies and soft colours. Similar to the spine-tingling melodies of John Beltran and the glossy drum programming of Photek. I feel looked after. The end result of this Eversines-RDS collaboration couldn’t pay off any more, even if it wanted to.

Plooi is out November 17th on Kalahari Oyster Cult | Pre-order here

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