Are they putting something in the water down in South-East Australia? Plastic World, Butter Sessions, Untzz Twelve Inch, Voyage, Animals Dancing and Superconscious Records; electronic music Down Under has never been in better shape. Melbourne in particular is proving to be fertile ground for creativity and Griffin James and Mic Newman (aka Francis Inferno Orchestra and Fantastic Man) have been right at the front of things.

Despite being old friends, the Superconscious bosses are probably best known for their separate endeavours. In fact, this will be the first time the pair feature on the same record. Well, we finally got our hands on the actual 12″ and it didn’t take long for us to agree that it’s very much a “double A-side” effort.

Comprised of two edits that mark the start of a new series, Fantastic Man takes on some old school breaks from 1992 on the actual A-side. Slowing down the frantic pace of Phantasy and Gemini’s original, a dreamy breakdown can only suppress the razor-sharp breakbeats for so long. We’re not too sure about the origins of the FIO edit (although that analogue bass does sound familiar!), but it’s so good it doesn’t matter. At full swing there isn’t much that could hold this one back as it darts between truncated explosions of analogue bass and guitar, the odd splash of brass and a lunging disco bassline.

Suco Edits Vol. 1 is out now and available in vinyl format from Redeye and various other online stores.

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