Taking inspiration from the sounds of Italo-disco and acid house, Fantastic Man’s new EP Galactic Ecstasy constitutes the 5th instalment on Igor Tipura’s Kitjen imprint.

Rolling out 3 floor friendly-cuts, eponymous opener ‘Galactic Ecstasy’ begins with a bedrock of 4/4 beats, tight hi-hat work and clenched drums that lay the groundwork for a driving 303-style acid bassline. It has more than a passing resemblance to the sonic imprint of Palm Trax’s Cloud City EP  as ethereal and sonant synth melodies weave in and out of one another. At the halfway point the track breaks down into something altogether different as all prior elements wind down devolving into elongated bass drones and tuned toms. Crunching washboard scrapes add texture as the original motif returns above this evolving soundscape.

Kicking off the B-side, ‘Acid Martin’ is an altogether deeper affair one could reasonably deduce was sculpted for the later hours of the floor. The track begins with a deep groove, later embellished by exactly the kind of bongo drum work we’ve come to expect of Fantastic Man. Low registered panpipes occupy the higher frequencies of the track appearing and disappearing with satisfying delay trails. If A1 and B1 of this EP are the floor fillers, closer ‘LegoMan’ is more of a post-rave chiller (comparatively) – it feels less driven, with cooling cosmic chords. The swirling synth motif is employed to great effect throughout, perfectly complimenting Fantastic Man’s trademark clattering congas.

Galactic Ecstasy is out now on Kitjen – buy in vinyl or digital format.

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