Melbourne’s Superconscious Records  have called up their very own Fantastic Man for a tripped-out, maelstrom of an EP that ducks and dives around the house sphere, looking for the road less travelled.

Fittin’ & Turnin (All Day)’ is a straight up mind and matter warping descent into wild clattering percussion and a litany of looping melodies that wouldn’t be out of place in a sci-fi platformer. It cements the concept of the EP as a mad meander through Fantastic Man’s imagination, dipping into both Detroit and Chicago tropes, for example, to assemble something that purposefully evades being labelled.

Placating the mild hysteria of the A1 with its introspective textures, ‘Rhythm Algorithm’s’ drum work carries the same infectious rigour but with a splash of filtered jungle breaks, which adds energy to the otherwise allayed aesthetic. This climaxes in the final two or so minutes in a wave of swelling ambience that is a standout moment on the record. The delay line remains jacked for the EPs bow out; ‘Trance Sexual’s’ broken beats hopscotch across an acid line that would make Paranoid London blush before ducking out briefly to make way for a moment of hands-in-the-air euphoria. The squelch is then ramped up in the 2nd half for what is probably the EPs most dancefloor friendly moment. The Fantastic Man has fantastic vision. 

Rhythm Algorithm is out now on Superconscious Records – buy the vinyl here.

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