Goa trance freakout, ambient techno, a Kate Bush cover and plenty more…

Various Artists – 20 Years Creme Organization

Legowelt, Ekman, Perseus Traxx and Simoncino feature on the bumper, 20-track anniversary compilation from Hague institution Creme Organization. Get it here.


C4P4BL4NC4 – H3llr4zor (Alexis Le-Tan Redit)

Goa trance savant Alexis Le-Tan gives Hugo Capablanca‘s chugging, ayahuasca freakout the edit treatment.


Voiski – XX Days of Confinement

Lockdown can be tedious but Voiski‘s here for you. The L.I.E.S. mainstay is serving up an unreleased cut every day for 30 days, and they’re all available to download for free on Bandcamp.

“Note on March 17th:
French virus lockdown started.
As many artists, I will try to take the advantage of such unusual conditions and use this isolation time to re-think everything.
I can’t help seeing what we are facing as the beginning of a new era.
It’s been really hard for me to focus on creation since the confusion started, I managed so far to find comfort into housework and trashing old unnecessary items from the past.
To give myself the necessary space to create (and to keep you informed that “I’m still alive” as Kawara would say) I decided to give away my unreleased productions day after day until the end of it.
This is France Confinement Day 1.
Hang tough, keep on creating, and stay safe.” – Voiski


Antenna – Alejandro/Wuthering EP

Every wondered how Rotterdam hardware savant Antenna covering Lady Gaga and Kate Bush might sound? Look no further.


Vercetti Technicolor – Hotline Playboy

Giallo Disco co-founder Verecetti Technicolor dusts off a forgotten soundtrack project from 2013.

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