Meditative ambient, noise-tinged electronics, a Clara! Y Maoupa remix and plenty more…

Bear Bones, Lay Low – III & V

Experimental, noise-tinged electronics evoking “cyber mechanic industrial debris” from imagined civilisations long goneBear Bones, Lay Low shares two cuts from his recent cassette.


Various – Pr. Raoult Secret Weapons

Electro and breaks to dancehall and trap, the likes of Slowglide, Cabasa and Antoine feature on this 21-track Comic Sans compilation. Get it here.


Jonny 5 – Lockdown

Jonny 5, AKA Blindsign, channels the “inner turmoil of the locked-down mind” with a blend of techno, EBM and industrial.


ward 3 – dakota daytona xl

Meditative ambience from Cleveland’s Imprint £yes, all distant horns, aerated pads and rainforest FX.


Clara! Y Maoupa – Baja Y Suda (Zaax Aiyi-Lectro Remix)

Twisting their avant-reggaeton into neck-snapping electro, Clara! and Maoupa Mazzocchetti approve this remix.

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