Meredith Monk tributes, delicately aerated ambient, a Rustie and Elysia Crampton mashup and plenty more…

santebela – Dissociation Entertainment

Delicately aerated ambient, complete with a cameo from experiences ltd. and Edited Arts artist mu tate – get it here.

emily glass – 444sure+oscollo

Rustie and Elysia Crampton collide on this mashup from Australian producer Emily Glass.

Iceboy Violet – Unembodied

Preternaturally dream-like and fractious, Iceboy Violet‘s mutant workout pays tribute to American composer Meredith Monk.

Baasmal – Everlasting Memory

New York-based multidisciplinary platform BIZAARBAZAAR go for groove with a space-faring house cut – get it here.

Fossilized Wilderness – 4

Fossilized Wilderness embrace the idea of a skipping CD on this suite of glitching ambient loops – get it here.

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