Effervescent Italo, John Carpenter edits, a downtempo stargazing jam and much more…

Omar-S – Free EP

Chances are you’ve seen this already, but we figured it was worth including anyway. Raw dancefloor tools, straight outta the D.


Hysteric – Brother Martin [follow link to download]

George Hysteric comes correct with the free download of an effervescent Italo edit, originally released as part of his Life Is Cheap 12″ on Bordello A Parigi. 1, 2, 3, 4…


Complete Walkthru – Blatant Doug

Richard MacFarlane’s 1080p just keep churning out the releases, but the Canadian label’s commitment to quality has never wavered. This time it’s the debut for Max McFerren‘s newest alias and we’re given a taste of the full cassette via this buoyant house jam that overflows with vivid textures and soulful vocals.


12″ Phildo – Red Door (Dub Version)

The Untzz Twelve Inch affiliate is giving away the “re-dub” of an old track, resplendent with sweeping synth washes and oscillating electronics.


Repeated Viewing – Assault On Precinct 14

It takes a bold individual to take on one of John Carpenter‘s classic film scores, but this recent Giallo Disco debutant reinterpreted one of the master’s most iconic.


S. Channel – Dreamy Walk On Kelper

Downtempo music for stargazers, courtesy of the Soul Channel. Be sure to check his debut on Gnork’s fledgling Blorp label too!

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