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Juno Listens to Jupiter’s Auroras

Kicking things off with something different, here’s a recording of what Jupiter’s auroras might sound like if humans could survive the extreme conditions of outer space. NASA probably do a better job explaining it though…

“Thirteen hours of radio emissions from Jupiter’s intense auroras are presented here, both visually and in sound. The data was collected when the spacecraft made its first orbital pass of the gas giant on Aug 27, 2016, with all spacecraft instruments turned on. The frequency range of these signals is from 7 to 140 kilohertz. Radio astronomers call these “kilometric emissions” because their wavelengths are about a kilometer long.”

Find out more about the Juno probe here.


DMX Krew & Chris Moss Acid – Bang The Gong

Stripped-back, acid fuelled ordnance from two British veterans, originally released on WeMe Records’ “mega rare” Various Acid compilation. Nuff said.


Aquarium – 177

Sweltering, lo-fi goodness from that guy Aquarium.


MaxxxBass – Eue de Renault

You might know Max Stenerudh as a regular co-conspirator of Samo DJ, but the Swede also flies solo under the name MaxxxBass. He’s also no stranger to a free download either, offering up 3 and a half minutes of distorted FM bass synths and stripped-back, steely drums.


Rainbow Chan – Work (Nite Fleit Remix)

What’s a free download feature without a bit of chug? Power Station resident Nite Fleit on the remix duties, dialling up the acid on a pop number from Hong Kong born songstress Rainbow Chan.


Earth Boys – NYC Diesel

Lush breakbeat business via Watch The Hype, courtesy of a New York-based duo who turned heads with an excellent debut on 1080p last December.

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